Tuesday, September 22, 2009

special on prints

Today we're starting a special in our etsy shop:  For a limited time, you can purchase any* three prints from our Retrieval Project series for $50!  They're normally $20 each, so that's a savings of $10, and through this special, you have the opportunity to buy any* mixture of the prints (even those whose originals have not yet sold).  In the note to seller when you check out, just list the three titles of prints you'd like, as well as whether the painting was done by Joe or Jenny (you can mix his and hers if you like also).

And please keep spreading the word about our project... each and every purchase helps us get closer to our goal!

*The only exception is that we do not have the original of Joe's "Simply Stated- California" scanned, so at this time, we are not able to offer it as a print.

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