Monday, September 21, 2009

day 50! family

Today is day 50.  The final day of the Retrieval Project.  We will keep this site as well as our etsy site up and running for a while, so you can still check in, refer your friends, stay tuned for any updates, buy our art, etc.  

We will be offering a special on our prints, starting tomorrow, so you'll want to come back for that for sure.  

We'll also let you know how our fund raising efforts are going and announce when we make it to our goal.  

Thanks so much for all of your support and kind words throughout these last 50 days!  It's been such a great journey in so many ways.
"Family" by Joe Swanson (with help from 10 yr old Zeke and 3 yr old Mercy)
original watercolor painting available here
"family" by jenny swanson
mixed media painting/"fabric"ation SOLD!
print available here


  1. Hi Jenny.. I tried to go to the etsy shop to buy this but it said sold out. I'd love to buy a print if the original is already gone.
    It's been a really neat project to observe. You and your husband are so talented.

  2. Is this going to be available in a print again?

  3. Jennifer.. thanks for asking! I just relisted and updated the link.


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