Sunday, September 13, 2009

a slight delay

This afternoon I scanned and started uploading Joe's painting for today... then we had a small emergency.  Mercy, our three year old, got an apple from a tree in the back yard and tried to cut a bad spot off of it all by herself.  She ended up almost taking a huge chunk out of the tip of her thumb in the process.  We are very fortunate to have great neighbors (friends of mine from jr. high), who watched our three non-bleeding kids while we rushed Mercy to the er.  A few hours and several stitches later, she's home and her thumb will be fine.  It was a horrible experience, holding her down and watching them stick needles in her bloody thumb... but she was a trooper and she's on the mend.

Since it's so late, we decided to put off day 43 until tomorrow.  We're sorry for the delay, for those who've been checking in, but I think you'll enjoy them.  I'm always surprised by Joe's ideas for each title.  What he did for tomorrow cracked me up.  For now, I'll tease you with the title... "content".

Goodnight, and please say a prayer for our little Mercy.


  1. Aww...Glad I could be there for you guys! Anytime you can "lean on me" =)


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