Friday, July 31, 2009

thanks for your support!

Wow is pretty much all I can say.  The project hasn't launched yet, but we are feelin' the love big time.  So blown away that people, many who don't even know us, are getting behind this project and supporting us.  I forgot to mention this in that last post, but if you have a blog button that you would like us to add to our sidebar under "supporters", we would love to link back to you.  Just a small thanks for helping us spread the word, purchasing our art, making a donation, etc.  We really can't express how much the generosity means to us.  Just know that several times I've been moved to tears from emails in the last few days.  We are so grateful.  Really, really.

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  1. I read about your project on Rachel Denbow's blog. I looove what your family is doing and that you're using your talents to reach your goal! I just blogged about your project!!! I sooo hope to get one of your originals.I bought the little mushroom from your daughter! Soo cute!!! She's gonna sell out soon! She better stock her shop up again! ;) I have no doubt that you'll reach your goal very soon!!! xoxo


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