Sunday, July 26, 2009

a few more details

We are one week away from launching The Retrieval Project!  We're busy with our paintings and with setting things in place (the blog, etsy shop and paypal details).

I have been asked why we are selling our original(!) paintings at such a low price.  When we were brainstorming about The Retrieval Project, we thought about doing 40 paintings, and selling them for $100 each... but we decided to make them more affordable so that more people can take part in this.  

Joe works mostly with watercolor and is painting on watercolor paper.  Jenny is painting with acrylics plus collage, and is using canvas paper.  Additional info about packaging and shipping will be listed on our etsy site.

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  1. :-) i love you guys!! great fun and great idea!! i love that brooklyn has paintings for sale as well. i am lucky to have her art on my wall already :-)when she beomes famous i can say she painted a mural on my wall!!
    i like your pictures here as well -- what a handsome couple!
    xo ger


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