Sunday, July 26, 2009


*Disclaimer:  I realized after creating the blog banner, etsy banner and blog button that the route pictured in the map is NOT the route we take.  It bothers me a little that I didn't notice it sooner... but probably not enough to do it all over.  I went to google maps and got directions from our place here to St. Cloud, MN (where our stuff is) and back.  We usually follow highway 80 through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and into Nebraska, and then go north through a little bit of South Dakota and Iowa and into Minnesota.  Also, we will be flying from SFO to Minneapolis/St. Paul, and then driving back in a uhaul.

Not that any of this really matters.  But because it's a little off in the picture, I thought I'd mention it.  Maybe we should take the route they gave us... it might be nice to see some new sights along the way!

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