Sunday, August 9, 2009

day 9. move

"Move" by Joe Swanson
original watercolor painting available here.
"move" by jenny swanson
original mixed media painting available here.


  1. Hey Jenny and Joe,
    I found your project and blog via Mati Rose's blog - so nice to meet you and hear about what you're doing. I think your story is amazing and this project/collaboration is totally inspiring!! Good luck to you both, I will look forward to following along and hope I can show support for you guys in some way soon. I have 'hearted' your etsy shops and added a link to you on my blog!
    Best wishes to you both,

  2. wow--i have loved each and every painting so far!! great job, you two!

    joe--i still want to make an appointment with you, but a house came on the market last week that we fell in love with so i have put all spending on hold until we get our loan settled. as soon as we see how it's all going to shake out i will let you know.

    hope the kids are ready for school next week. henry is getting excited!



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