Wednesday, August 12, 2009

day 13. future

*Update:  Several of you have asked how the project is going (how many paintings have sold, how much we've raised, etc.)  I found a thermometer widget and have installed it on the sidebar.  I may keep looking for another, as this one is backwards, with the goal amount where the red is, and the current amount at the top.  Either way, for now at least, I'll keep it because it does serve the purpose of making the progress available to you.  I also replaced the "chipin" button with a "donate" button, which is also linked directly to our paypal account.  This will hopefully make the total amount raised easier to see, by keeping it all in the thermometer.  So... at the time of this writing, we have sold 15 original paintings (of the now 26 released), and have had $120 in donations, for a total of $720.  We're making a dent in the $4,000 needed... thanks, guys!  Keep telling your friends, and keep checking back!  And please know that we truly appreciate your support!
"Future" by Joe Swanson
original watercolor painting SOLD!
available here
"future" by jenny swanson
original mixed media painting SOLD!
print available here

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