Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day 11. surrender (and giveaway winner)

"Surrender" by Joe Swanson
original mixed media painting available here 
(Joe's mixing it up... this was done in gouache and ink, 
plus there's some collage work with the dove.)
"surrender" by jenny swanson
original mixed media painting SOLD!
available here

We forgot to announce a winner for our giveaway yesterday... 

the randomly chosen number is.... 7!  
 deezmath said...

I'm so extremely proud and excited for you guys. This is really going great for you and I hope that God multiplies it exponentially!!

Deezmath, email us with your address and we will mail your print of "In Due Time" on Wednesday! 


  1. Hi Jenny, i read your story and feel very inspired by it! I hope it's alright that i blogged about it on my own blog, here;http://leililaloo.blogspot.com/2009/08/paintings-on-found-wood.html
    I used the beautiful photo of you and your husband from Mati roses blog? If you are not okay with that pls let me know and i will take it off. I wish you and your family so much luck! Warmly, Dana

  2. Divinely ordained that "Deezmath" won "In Due Time". God is in everything!

  3. Mel....I JUST now saw that I won and was thinking the SAME thing! lol. A toss up between that and "Surrender", which I think I might buy, actually. Can't decide between Jen's or Joe's on that one, tho'. Both so perfect.

    I'm so excited I won...this has been a really tough month, but a week full of passing faith tests left and right, gaining blessing after blessing and this just tops my week off w/ a bang! Thanks, guys!! WOOT!! God is so good!


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